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Long-term clinical observations fully confirmed the absolute accuracy of the diagnosis. Therefore, regular care of the nails and skin of hands and feet, of their condition - a thing absolutely necessary. This will keep their health and time to detect the disease and prevent the disease, to which the body is most predisposed due to heredity. Caring for the health of nails, it should be noted that working with caustic washing powder and other household chemicals, of which often includes chlorine, adversely affect the strength of the nail plate, reducing the sulfur content (nail plate is formed by the protein and keratin, which includes sulfur). When working with chemicals, it is necessary to wear rubber gloves.

Feature treatment of children is to nail that requires great accuracy action, because the children are very thin nails. They are not to file, scissors and trimmed and cleaned fine nail file. During the procedure, hot baths can be added to the water balls with different smells or foam. The duration of the bath - 5-6 minutes. After drying hands should handle the cream or butter. Then push back the cuticle (cut it is not recommended, as well as nail polishing), to make a light massage with lotion. Next you need to clean the nails from the cream and cover them with lacquer. In the children's manicure is common to use a decorative paint bright colors and delicate shades.

To artificial nails to natural perfectly formed, they need to adjust previously treated in such a way as to conform to the size and shape naturally. First overhead plastic nails to put on a few minutes in hot water. They are slightly softened, and they will be easier to work with. Following this procedure, it is much easier to give a desired shape. Use the tweezers to cut the extra edge, creating the desired shape and length of the nail. Then it is necessary to file the edge using nail file manicure. In the process, periodically impose an artificial nail on the natural and check whether they match.

In this technology as a means for reinforcing TIPS (artificial nail tips) Use a cloth - silk, linen and fajberglass. Today, silk and fajberglass - a semblance of silk fabrics, but they are made of fiberglass. Technology is as follows: Natural nails are shortened to the desired length, they are fixed tips, which are cut from the reinforced fabric scraps, in the form corresponding to the shape of nails. Cloth Shred pre-treated with a solution of a special adhesive. Silk TIPS sticks to the natural nail using a special glue and spray called "activator". This adhesive is applied to nails some harm.

Acrylics contain chemicals that can damage natural nails , and have strong , unpleasant odors of. LCN products are safe , look more natural , and are much more durable than conventional acrylic nails. -Added elasticity means less breakage, and the line of hand care products and LCN nail ensures that the nail will continue to look lightheadedness and again between regular treatments.

LCN light cured nails are not traditional gels. They are synthetic resins photopolymerizable that become hard when cured in the light unit. An intentional amount of flexibility remains , which effectively prevents breakage. Like the wings of an airplane , a modest amount of flexibility actually protects the nail from breaking , lifting and slamming.


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