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50 tracks of yoga music for yoga massage new age spa & relaxation

A misty- eyed romantic adventure into the depths of the heart , Healing Touch II is the kind of album you play when you want comfort and escape the doldrums of everyday life. The music is languid and peaceful melodies of a piano and harp mix envelopes in an atmosphere of ethereal synthesizer. This is the second album piano - -avec- intentions healing music of pianist / composer Nadama , a native of Hawaii with a fascination for the arts of healing. And the community of healing arts is exactly or what CD would prosper - spa, massage room, yoga studio... the music is light and introspective , making the perfect music to create an atmosphere of tranquility.

Healing Touch is a perfect musical suite for massages, reiki, therapeutic or other practices; in addition to being a musician, Nadama has experience as a therapist massage and yoga instructor. The spacious quiet in this beautiful record stands as a serene testimony for the connection between healing practices ( like yoga ) and healing music. It is not something that can be designed artificially by a marketing campaign ; it comes from the heart is or there is not. Nadama delivers. Healing Touch is a soothing music with the heart.

Spirit key, the Nadama pianist , is the type of album that reminds you instantly the style of music you expect to hear in a spa. In other words , it is a natural choice for the quietest part of the indulgent life , either soaking in a hot bath scented with lavender or lounging in your favorite chair with a cup of tea is chamomile. Nadama has a gift for creating melodies that capture the ethereal good levels of happiness , a quiet and relaxing instrumental classical beauty. Each song has a light breezy pace that is well suited for lazy after noon, as well as a number of instrumental piano accents that add emotional color, such as ropes, the atmosphere of synthesizer , flute and guitar. This music that will heat the core as it dissolves stress.

The calming effect of ZeNotes is like a blanket that comforts and calms the mind , making it a fine tool to use for meditation , massage, healing work and sleep. So if you need to improve your concentration or simply spiritual de-stress your mind and body , I highly recommend Zen Notes.


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