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Slider design - is ready art rospis.Primenyaetsya under the lacquer, gel, akril.Prostota use allows the master to any urovnempodgotovki make a masterpiece of nail design work for several minut.Rezultat using slider Dizaynmaksimalno close to the work, painted vruchnuyu.SPOSOB USE: 1. Prepare your nails to art rospisi.2. Cut out the desired item risunka.3. Put in water for 10 sekund.4. Remove the water from the figure, soaked salfetkoy.5. Separate the film from the pattern from the backing paper moving along bumagi.6. Apply the film with a pattern on nogot.7. Cover the final layer of varnish, gel or acrylic.

Saves varnish applied over a longer period of time. It protects nails from the harmful effects of environmental and household chemicals. It gives nails a special attractive sheen. It can be used instead of the lacquer to impart a neat appearance of nails. Great as a topcoat.

Thickens cornea tissue by tar makes nails more resilient and flexible. The binder fibers form a protective layer that protects nails from the bundle and external mechanical influences.

208 Quick -drying UV filter and vitamin.A , E , F COSMAKE Excellent for fixing and drying varnish , which will give your nails an incredible luster and color fastness. It creates a durable water-repellent shield that envelops the paint , protects it from damage , cracking and chipping. Vitamins A, E and F nourish the nail plate. The tool gives the nails a high gloss , UV filters protect your nails and keep saturated color varnish. 11 ml.

Restorer after artificial nails with an extract of grape seeds COSMAKE Anti - Studio Network Edition has an intense effect on the weakened problematic nails , including artificial nails after a build-up. The biologically active ingredients nourishes and restores the water balance , has antioxidant effects , stimulates the production of natural keratin to restore the natural healthy and beautiful nail plate. 11 ml.

Nail strengthener with chitosan and provitamin B3, B5 COSMAKE tool strengthens natural nails , thanks to an exclusive formula with chitosan and provitamins B3 and B5. The substances included in the product , strengthen the nail plate , glue the edges of laminated departed nails, protects nails from breakage. With regular use, your nails look beautiful and well-groomed. 11 ml.

Choice of long structural fasteners and floor coverings : screw types of construction, nails, bolts to be used during the construction of a bridge , railing or exterior stairs. This article explains the details critical to building safety deposit terraces and verandas , including avoiding the deck or porch and the collapse of the dangerous stairs and deck railings.

Unique Floor polish Sun Protector Sunscreen For Nails, which is quite natural look on nails. It protects nails and emphasizes their probity. Amount in the package - 120 ml. The summer months are flying...


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