revlon colorstay mineral mousse makeup foundation

No, just no. I thought this would be a very good product because of the hype around the foam and foundations and whipped cream and all that stuff. I have appreciated less and less as I used more and more. For one thing, it is almost impossible to get even coverage with this product. Because of its very nature, it was virtually impossible to get it is still everywhere. I use a brush to it, and it leaves terrible foundation streaks everywhere! With your fingers do not work either, and foundation sponges also fail failed. It is buildable, but I do not think you want to build more of that on your face. It appears very cakey if you stack in one place. The formula is very dry (almost chalky), and it probably will not do well on dry skin. However, it remains for a long time and the color selection is if you have warm skin tones, like me. However, this is offset by the low coverage and poor regularity of this product! For $ 10, will not buy again. Deja.

I bought this basis there is some time, but I do not very often used. I tend to use most of the time when I'm short of my foundation and have not bought a new , probably because I tend to prefer a more liquid foundation in a pump bottle. This spell seems pleasant enough and has the application, but I have to use my fingers and I feel like I have to apply some pressure to get everything well mixed. Packaging is very good, and very compact for travel, but the small nozzle does not always play nice with the thick foam , and it is not very luxurious. On the positive side , the shadow I have (Fair ) is perfect, which is hard to find. Also, I think it gives me a nice full coverage matte , which is what I want. I just wish I could find it in liquid and a pump.

The only bad thing is that it dries very quickly, so you must work fast either with a damp sponge or foundation brush sprayed with rose water ( this is how I use it ) and remember a once it defines , it really defines so work quickly or work half of the face at a time. Beauties oily skin will love this product because it gives a finish that is something between matt and dew glow without the oily or greasy face and gives a natural finish. It remains really very long, 10 -12 hours and always look natural , and he did not exploding.

This is an amazing product that I have used for over a year now and I have not been disappointed as it contains SPF 20 , it 's just icing on the cake. Being a mineral foam, it is also good for your skin. It provides medium- and comprehensive coverage , but perhaps need intense concealer imperfections. I am the shadow "Deeper ", which is a match for my complexion.

And the last two categories - Sheer Moisturizing Foundation and shades. These are perfect if you want everything is pure. If you want any coverage they are not the ones to consider. Most sunscreens have really great. They will pure and sweet. They make your skin with minimal show through the coverage of light. They are often really a problem for someone with normal skin has fat - it is obvious that they are moisturizers , they are not intended to go on a mat. These tinted moisturizing creams and foundations steep - there are some that are more than other companion.

So I highly recommend that in the world of foundations that you give it a try before you buy. The second thing is that the color scheme is so important and the best thing you can do is to consider a color somewhere between the color of your neck and the color of your face if the two colors do not match. Do not put your foundation on your neck to melt down and then try to get the color of your face has to match the color of your neck. You 're just going to get makeup on your clothes and execute until your cleaning bills and that does not contribute as anyone.

This makeup is fantastic! It is easy to put to light, lasts all day and creases !! I always use liquid foundation ( ColorStay ) but as I get older , my skin is changing. The foundation did not work , but mineral makeup is sent from heaven ! It is natural to look at and so light , I forget I even have to make up. A previous review said it was too bright, what will happen if you put on too heavy or it may appear that way immediately after you apply. I promise you, the "sparkle " disappears after a while. A little goes a long way with this makeup is good considering the price... the only thing I do not want this. I still need to use a little concealer under my eyes a few days to conceal dark circles though!

I am so happy to find that when you do a search online for Almay makeup WakeUp , I loved him and Almay End series ! This product is nearly identical - Almay \&Revlon are the same company. It gives a nice finish, lightweight , seems natural. A little disorder , like all powders are free , but not too bad since - I think - the coconut water helps the stick has a powder brush ( and your face ) more than most mineral powders. BTW the brush is nice, too, better than those that come with blush Revlon, which are useless. The cover is light and natural, and does not rule in fine lines or wrinkles. Also , I have very oily skin and the powder that does not make me popping ! Maybe not as cheap as some powders , but is much cheaper than some mineral brands - you know who they are.

I 'm a big fan of another makeup for many years.I tried one recently and it is the first foundation I've found that has a decent coverage plus a great sensation once it is applied ! It is non-greasy and has an extraordinary endurance, easily lasting all day with a light dusting. The thing that amazed me the most was the proximity of the color was at my own skin - a real perfect match.

I took a very interesting day to test the makeup on. Ironically , I got out of my house is enclosed and had to walk to work. While it is only a mile away , but it was a sunny summer day in Florida Hurricane Season. In other words : hot, wet and windy. Add to this the environment of greasy food I usually work in Revlon and was in every test.

The new Revlon mascara is horrible fate lot and it is crumbly. The foundation is very thin feeling and color limits I guess like regular lines by them. Also the mineralized powders are not good. The only one that is allowed is the light and it would be ok to put in evidence , but the others do not put on much color unless you were extremely lightweight complexion.

His sin as double torsion isnt working and I think its the foatiormula... If you dip the wand into the explosion ingenious eyelash mascara or other eliminnates it works beautifully and the need for a whip combing between diapers. The new foundation is ideal for mid- day at latenight touches on oily skin types , it continues as a primer and ultra mat will instantly !

I agree with the first two tests of mascara. I used two days now, instead of CG LashBlast ( because of the appearance without cruelty ), but globs on the brush so bad !!! I think the general idea is good but the little tube inside the neck should be softer or something.i do not know what, but I 'm so disappointed !!

Wow - I really like the Revlon mascara ! I used for the first time today. There seems to ecailler just as I put on a second layer , but I thought it builds and volume. I twirl the brush as I applies - perhaps it would help ? I agree but it seems more difficult than usual to put the brush in the tube.


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