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\&Top Coat. - Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Colour has patented technology micro- encapsulates a sustained release that permeates nails with advanced wear, care \&ingredients shine. - Resistant , substantially smooth and shining brightly until 10 days Chip. - Brush twice exclusivity covers the entire nail surface in a same race. Directions for use : - Apply 2 coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure color to clean , dry nails. - Let dry.

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Triple With your fingers. This advanced booster gel for nails a three fortifying ingredients to perfect your nails , making them stronger and more durable. The triple action in this Sally Hansen polymer gel comprises epoxy for protection against breaking , peeling and division ; calcium complex with pro -vitamin B5 to encourage growth ; and titanium to help repair and low bond , brittle nails. Use it as a base and top coat for a beautiful manicure. Size:.45floz.

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NEW, sealed in the factory, each bottle is enclosed in plastic ( 4) Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs ( NET WT. 4.4 OZ Each ) Middle Glow ( for Light to medium complexion ) water resistant. Spray perfect legs in an instant. New Palmaria extract formula improves coverage freckles , veins and imperfections while helping to stimulate microcirculation for healthy legs and feet. Directions : Shake well. Pulveriser directly intp hand and apply on legs and feet. Mix evenly and completely. Allow to

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This is a review of Sally Hansen Hard as nails, hard as Wraps. I purchased this product last week a pharmacy in the color "Heartbeat Creme. " The varnish is a Great and the color looks wonderful. I have had many comments on how to work with my nails looking beautiful. I do not use a base coat, but I did use a topcoat was drying fast. My only problem with this is that I painted varnish my nails on Friday night and Sunday morning, they were the flaking of my right hand. My left hand was always...

sally hansen hard as nails xtreme
I bought this nail polish and uses the first day on someone else and it works well, and very dry nails fast.Their smooth out and had the pleasant air. I have used on my nails myselfand came out well, but I did learn that I had to paint them quickly because if the varnish starts to dry and I even hit the varnish with the brush a little dirty it would be wrong. Once you paint everything on your nail, you can not try to add more nails until she has her completely dry as it is very sticky until its...