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Do not cover , clear up ! SkinClearing Neutrogena oil-free makeup is the first and only liquid foundation formula with MicroClear technology to treat not only the shortcomings, but also to help prevent hives emerging. MicroClear technology increases the power of salicylic acid by breaking the oil and unclogging pores for the relief of acne fast. His shinefree , the natural hedge leaves the skin breathe and will not clog pores.

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I tried many liquid foundations and most of them really make my face look fat. I saw this healthy liquid up the skin Neutrogena my local pharmacy and I had to try. I immediately love the way it has gone on my face. He had a fine texture that does not feel too liquid. He has gone smoothly and it did not leave any eventual traces on my face. I like the way it gave me a full coverage without looking too heavy. My face is not oily air and it covered all of my imperfections, including my acne scars....

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Mula provides vitamins, minerals and herbs to enhance the strength of tissues, shine and nutrients to strengthen texture.Herbal - Gotu kola and horsetail are two plants with a long history of use for skin, hair and strength of the nail and texture. Horsetail, a complete plant nutrient major minerals, is normalized to provide silica 5.6 mg per dose. This mineral is needed for strong connective tissue tissue support production.Connective - A special blend of vitamins and minerals to provide the...

neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup spf 20
Ctrum SPF 30 and anti- oxidizing environment of the skin to protect skin against environmental damage. A brilliant blend of makeup, sunscreen and antioxidants Healthy Skin Glow Sails ? is a makeup that does everything. The mild , non-greasy formula with anti -oxydants vitamins A , C and E provides natural coverage while broad spectrum SPF 30 provides superior sun protection. They give your skin a kind of natural-looking radiance that has hardly ever comes naturally. Non-greasy Leger Broad...

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Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup broad spectrum SPF 20 provides beautiful cover and improves the appearance of your skin. A broad spectrum SPF 20 , the formula glides on silky light for makeup perfectly natural, while helping to prevent damage of the skin against harmful UV rays. This lightweight foundation with a unique antioxidant mixture , working visibly improve the brightness , hue and texture of the skin healthier for the skin.