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Hiring Ann do my hair and makeup for my wedding this fall was the best decision ever. I had three different looks for both religious ceremonies and our reception and she made sure that I was looking incredible for each event. His style was impeccable. It makes planning easy for me with ideas on how to work around a crunch time for all events were one after the other during the period of a day. I met Ann for a consultation a few weeks before my wedding. She listened patiently to what I wanted,...

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Avon has some eye shadows -on press toothey are very easy to apply and will last all day , as regular shadow does. The only drawback is that if you want the darker colors Eye Envy precious metals ColorOn Kit Professional - instant Applicators Makeup Eye Envy tear stain remover is proven to both dogscats. Eye Envy is proven to work by professional breeders and groomers. The product will not harm your pets

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Karisa Preto is in Santa Cruz, California, and grew up in the quiet mountains of Santa Cruz. At a young age, she developed strong artistic interests and constantly demonstrated his talent development. She began to take on many artistic media, with a particular interest in painting and photography. During his art history studies and of visual communication at the university, she began working with the photographer Tristan Carkeet, as the key makeup artist for a big fashion photography. She found...

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N LINE: These nylon brushes are firmer , for precise application. They are perfectly adapted to the new generation of creamy and liquid make-up, and are becoming increasingly popular with professional makeup artists. Used with powder shadows , they pick up small quantities of product, producing very subtle effects. They are immediately recognizable , with their metal gray lacquered wooden handle , top brass nickeled -end collar and two -tone brown and cream bristles.